KGB Close protection

Dear guests, friends and colleagues.
First letter in this year was about our «KGB close protection doctrine«.
Please note next things.

All our Mentors has huge personal experience in post in EP. No less 15 years. Some more than 20 years in personal protection field in government unit (KGB/FSO) or private sector.

In Russia will adopt a federal Standard for PSO. We are creators and developers, all moderm training courses will correspond to this Standard. Russia is the only country where such a standard has been developed.

All our techniques are designed to protect not to kill.
We are not in relation with Private Military Companies (PMC). We training only PSO, not soldiers.
We not sell diplomas, only our experience and skills. You tell us your main purpose, we offer special training course, not basic.
Our best regards in New Year!

Please for contact use Signal or Wickr.