Misconceptions of an outside instructor.

And again my phone rang.
— I’m an instructor in combat training (hand-to-hand combat, pistol, gun, knife, first aid). I offer my skills.
Very well, let’s find out the main points of cooperation.
And the very typical errors of the Instructor appeared. And not only with him, but with the vast majority.

#1. I work with combat units that solve specific tasks, so I know everything about combat.

There are no questions, obviously this is true. Nevertheless, why did you decide that your knowledge equally applies to knowing the features of the work of a modern bodyguard, especially in the private sector? Other weapons, different laws, and completely different rules for cooperation between the VIP and his bodyguard. There is no shoulder strap and the Charter, according to which everything is regulated.

# 2 They hire bodybuilders, but they can neither shoot nor move correctly during the shootout.

And here you are right. Only there is another side to the issue that you cannot know about; no one will tell you this. Why did VIP choose this guy in his guard? What is the task of the personnel department, what are the requirements for the employee. And most importantly, what VIP agreed with the bodyguard face to face.

# 3 Your course schedule has only one day for close combat. This is simply wrong. Such a “bodyguard” will be killed in a couple of seconds, it won’t even have time to react.

I agree. Under one condition. The melee skill is only one of 15. And all the others account for 99% of the working time of a personal security officer. And using a weapon to repel the attack, the bodyguard tries to solve VIP problems that accumulated for at least six months, or even longer, in 1 second of objective time. So what is worth spending maximum of your time on? For practicing two shots, or for the skills of prevention, analysis, management, logistics, etc.?

And in relation to our concept, for training of the 1st level («ordinary» soldier), there are a huge number of specialists whose skills are not very different from each other, only with stripes and names of tactical-combat «systems». And there are very few mentors at the NAST Academy level. Everyone is free to choose the level of knowledge that he needs in real work.
#4. Private security companies shrug, do not give the guys normal equipment, radio stations, no escort vehicles. Amateurs.

And here there is already a complete lack of understanding of the features of private security business. The role of the private security company (manager, director) is reduced to the simple execution of accounting documents and obtaining their margins from the sale of employee skills. They do not decide, but the customer determines how much to allocate funds, and for what. He wants to buy a Land Cruiser, or an ATV for an object patrol, or dress the guys in good suits. But he does not consider it necessary, they will walk in felt boots on foot, and give signals with flags.

In the current situation, the economy decides a lot. Business is taken away by «civilized» methods, with documents and seals. The iron and baseball bat are in the past or in some regions. And they are used there, in the middle segment of business, where, as a rule, there are simply no means for personal protection.