Moscow bodyguard "Grey Shadows" Club

Colleagues working in the same region should be able to communicate and exchange important information. Someone is looking for a job, someone is offering.
The club system is a good idea. And we accepted it in 2003. Anyone could become a member of the bodyguard Club «Grey Shadows». A bodyguard, a businessman, or a journalist.
Meetings were held once a month. A member of the Club received information about the work. And he talked with the employer directly without intermediaries. Journalists always knew when and where to interview real bodyguards. The club is a good place to meet friends and families. We often spend time together.

The «GS» Club provided the opportunity to find work, but did not guarantee. It depends only on the professionalism of the bodyguard himself.
Does the «GS» Club recommend to a person? Yes. But only someone who has proven himself well in work or communication.
We abandoned the idea of​ initial testing for applicants. If the bodyguard has work skills are in his own responsibility.
This is the difference from the qualification system of NAST of Russia. It applies its own desire, recommendation and strict exams. The member is obliged to defend the interests of the organization.

Senior Mentors, former special services officers transfer their experience. And these are the most experienced former staff members of the KGB and the FSO.

Summit Gorbachev-Reagan.1987. Gorbachev security details, KGB 9-th department, Washington DC.
Left, Dmitry Fonareff

The customer of services has the opportunity to speak with bodyguards directly. You can discuss the costs and job conditions.
Members of the Club have extensive experience of protection on visits of show or sports stars.

Anastacia protection details

And we have a common «black sheet» of people and organizations that oppose the interests and goals of the NAST of Russia. This is good when you can find out what problems are at the place of future work. Maybe VIP behaves like an idiot, or a security company doesn’t pay a salary.

We offer the idea of​ interaction to colleagues from other cities or countries. In Russia now there are Clubs in 5 regions.
Members hold meetings, joint training or lectures of specialists. And like motorcycle clubs (MC) have their own symbols and souvenirs.