Welcome Russia/Moscow

If you plan to fly to Moscow/Russia, consider the following details:

  • if you need a car, order in a week, not for tomorrow; it will be cheaper;
  • in Moscow we have Maybah/Rolls Roys, but we do not guarantee that you will receive it tomorrow;
  • if you need qualified security, report it for a few days. Tomorrow you will receive only those who have free time;
  • the car that will bring you from the airport to the hotel, and the car from the hotel to the airport and back to the hotel, have different rental costs;
  • Be prepared to pay for car parking in cash at the airport;
  • Because of the stupid sanctions of your governments, you can get problems using cards, such as American Express;
  • If you need a terminal to pay with a card, report it in advance, and not 30 minutes before the start of work;
  • take time to meet and ask the security manager to tell how his team will perform security;
  • tell about your requirements or peculiarities in advance;
Moscow bodyguards Club «Grey Shadows» protection team

Following these simple rules, your visit to Russia will be pleasant, interesting and safe.